Fish farmer forced to harvest 750,000 salmon because of ISA

Not much time left to sell 1 kilo fish.

The salmon farmer Salaks in Troms, Northern Norway, must harvest 750,000 salmon after authorities discovered ISA (infectious salmon anemia).

On Monday, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority reported that it has now ordered the salmon farm to harvest all the fish at the site.

Salaks founder Odd Bekkeli told SalmonBusiness that he did not agree with the decision.

The fish weighed around a kilo and he said that he expects “a loss”.

“It’s possible to sell. We have been checking but the price will be very low and we only have 20 days to sell it,” said Bekkeli.

According to Akvafakta, the market price for 1-2 kg salmon was EUR 3.3/kg last week.

The salmon farmer explained that “it would be a pity to destroy them but we don’t have many options”.

Established in 1985, Salaks produces around 9,000 tonnes of salmon a year.


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