Salmon farmer makes it to the top of international sustainability index

editorial staff

Lerøy comes out on top.

Norwegian aquaculture is among the world’s most sustainable food producers, and Lerøy is in first place.

This is according to the International Sustainability Index Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR) according to the publication, BA.

Behind FAIRR is the British businessman, Jeremy Coller. The aim is to give investors better information about the financial risk, lack of consideration for environment and sustainability. The index is divided into high, medium and low risk groups, and the companies are assessed based on factors such as greenhouse gas emissions, production losses, water consumption, antibiotic use, animal welfare, employment and food safety.

“Investors need such data to make better investment decisions. Until now, the information in this sector has been missing. This index will help investors identify the best companies,” Coller said when the index was published in May this year.

At that time, Marine Harvest was on top, but is now surpassed by Lerøy.

“It is very positive for us to be on top of this list. It shows that seafood production is among the most sustainable forms of food production,” said Harald Sveier, Technical Manager at Lerøy Seafood Group, BA.

“All stages of our production must focus on sustainability. We are a young industry and people are keeping an eye on us,” said Sveier.


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