Salmon farmer Mowi’s board set for a shakeup

Mowi’s board is set for changes in the coming weeks, with Nicholas Gaysenz set to announce his resignation on 13 June, when the company holds its annual meeting of shareholders.

On that date, the board terms for Cecile Fredriksen, the daughter of shipping magnate John Fredriksen and Bjarne Thermann Finish, former Secretary of State for the Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries, are set to end.

The company’s nominating committee has suggested that Catherine Fredricksen replace her sister Cecile, being nominated for a two-year term.

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The changes come weeks after Mowi reported that it had nearly doubled its first quarter result, harvesting 97,000 tonnes of salmon during the first three months of the year. Operational EBIT for the group was approximately €207 million in Q1 2022, up from €109 million in Q1 2021.



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