Salmon farmer ordered to pay fine over aquaculture waste

Camanchaca must pay USD 48 thousand fine.

Serpesca has released a statement saying that Chile’s Supreme Court has determined that the company Camanchaca must pay the fine after waste from aquaculture activity was discovered in Lake Llanquihue.

Salmones Camanchaca is a subsidiary of Compañía Pesquera Camanchaca.

The ruling is considered historic, as it closes a chapter of a process that began in 2016 with a joint inspection of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service and the Maritime Authority.

On August 19, 2016, Sernapesca Los Lagos and members of the Harbor Master’s Office of the regional capital on Lake Llanquihue were conducted an inspectionat a salmon farm. With the support of an underwater robot (ROV) they were able to confirm the presence of waste from aquaculture activity under the cultivation modules of the sanctioned company.

The inspection found cement weights, tires, mesh, plastic drums, plastic pipes and even an orange water jacket, among many other residues.

In June 2018, courts issued a fine of 1000 monthly tax units (UTM), equivalent USD 48 thousand. It also issued a USD 4.8 thousand fine for Álvaro Poblete, manager and legal representative of the company. The salmon farmer appealed the fine, but that was rejected on Monday by Chile’s Supreme Court.

Regional Director of Sernapesca Los Lagos Eduardo Aguilera wrote of the importance of having support technology to perform audits on sea beds and inland waters “The Supreme Court has taken into account the background of the investigation and of the evidence provided, obtained using one of the technological means with Sernapesca Los Lagos, in this case an ROV, which allowed us to provide the information through photographic evidence of the findings at the bottom of the lake in the concession sector.”

Director of Sernapesca Alicia Gallardo, said: “I want to emphasise that the aquaculturists in this country have a strict environmental regulation, and they must be concerned about maintaining the cleanliness and ecological balance under the cultivation areas, as well as on the beaches and surrounding areas.”

On Tuesday, SalmonBusiness reported that Salmones Camanchaca earned USD 24.5 million in the quarter – an increase of 85.7 per cent from the same period last year.


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