Salmon farmer who allegedly ran “clandestine” vaccine clinic risks fine

Salmones Caleta Bay risks EUR 10,000 fine.

Chile’s aquaculture authority Sernapesca reports that they won a legal case after they investigated a salmon farm which they say allegedly ran a clandestine vaccine factory.

Chile’s constitutional court ruled in favour of the Sernapesca, who carried out an inspection of Salmones Caleta Bay’s offices of the company in Osorno in 2016, in which they detected a laboratory manufacturing unauthorized vaccines.

Salmones Caleta Bay considered that Sernapesca officials’ acted unconstitutionally and pursued a legal claim against the authority

Sernapesca Regional Director of Eduardo Aguilera said he was happy with the ruling: “the Constitutional Court ruled in favour of Sernapesca, indicating that the procedure that had been carried out by our officials had no constitutional failure and strictly adhered to the legal framework, we are very satisfied with what we have obtained in the Constitutional Court and we hope to continue with the process in the Court of Appeals of Valdivia. ”

Salmones Caleta Bay is appealing the ruling.


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