Salmon farmers building a new processing boat that can handle 40,000 tonnes of salmon a year

The Norwegian companies Tombre Fiskanlegg, Lingalaks, Austevoll Melaks and Eidesvik Salmon will, through the Samlaks company, build a processing vessel for killing and transporting the volume produced by the group.

“In total, the group produces about 40,000 tonnes of salmon a year, and the boat is scheduled to handle the entire harvest volume to the owners. The boat will also at times have the capacity to take on external assignments,” Lingalaks writes on its Facebook page.

According to Lingalaks, the newbuild is designed and developed together with Maritime Engineering and the Artic Group.

“The boat will be built at Astilleros Balenciaga S.A. in San Sebastian, Spain, and will have a loading capacity of 600 cubic meters. The factory and process equipment on board are supplied by Stranda Prolog and Optimar, and are built to maximize the quality of the fish, ensure optimal hygiene and reduce the risk of infection. The boat will have six-stroke lines, and the factory and equipment are designed for a slaughter capacity of around 120 tonnes of salmon per hour,” Lingalaks continues.

The boat will be ready for future hybrid solutions such as battery and hydrogen operation. The plan is also to enter a strategic collaboration with a land facility located in the western part of Norway.

“The boat will contribute to reduced emissions to air, in addition to less waste, improved fish welfare and reduced risk of infection by harvesting the fish at the cage edge and completely closed transport. We have designed a boat for the future,” says board chairman of Samlaks, Ingar Fiskerstrand.

Photo: Fonnalaks

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