Salmon farmers told to stand by in case volcano blows up

An alert for The Hudson Volcano in the Aysén Region, Southern Chile, was raised to “yellow”, as an increase of seismicity. The Chilean fishing body Sernapesca has published a report that is pre-alerting salmon farmers about the the increase in activity in the Hudson volcano’s area of influence. This is the geographical area corresponding to the salmon farming area Grouping (ACS) No. 25A, 25B, 26A, 26B and 27. Salmon farmers such as Mowi Chile, Blumar, Australis, Salmones Aysen and more operate in the Aysen area. Control measures requested by Sernapesca include authorise the transfer of live fish, in order to avoid their mortality. The Chilean volcano government agency Sernageomin initially changed Hudson’s status from green to yellow on the 22nd of December characterised by two swarms of volcano-tectonic earthquakes. As of Tuesday, it has posted on Twitter that this alert still remains.

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