Fish feed producer’s company name used in ad scam: Man paid hundreds to get job application processed

Stian Olsen

People have received a false offer of a job at Cargill in Norway.

Earlier this month, the Norwegian Consulate General in St. Petersburg, Russia, sent an email to the feed producer Cargill, informing them that they had received a message from a person, who had been subjected to fraud in the form of a false job offer at Cargill.

According to the Consulate General, a man in Uzbekistan, at the request of another person with a Norwegian mobile phone number, had sent around USD 470 dollars to get a job application processed.

“Later he has realised that he has probably been the victim of fraud,” the consulate general wrote in the email to Cargill.

SalmonBusiness has tried to call the Norwegian number mentioned in the email, but it is no longer in use.

Russian woman also defrauded
This is not incidentally the first request received by the Consulate General in the same case. Also in March, they were contacted by a person, this time a Russian woman, who stated that she had applied for a job for Cargill in Norway via a job advertisement on a recruitment website.

According to the consulate, she had received a positive response to the application, but this time the scam was stopped in time. The woman became suspicious when she was asked to transfer money in order for the application to be processed formally. She then contacted the Consulate General with questions about whether it could be a fraud.

The ad, a call out for workers in a Cargill factory in Norway, is still active today. According to the ad, the salary is EUR 15.5 an hour, for 40 hours a week. A Norwegian number is also provided for a person, who is reportedly a resident in Oslo. When SalmonBusiness tried to call the number, we were told that it is blocked for incoming calls.

Hanne Dankertsen. PHOTO: Cargill

Head of Communications Hanne Dankertsen in Cargill confirmed the fraud case to SalmonBusiness.

“Unfortunately, both jobseekers and us have been exposed to fraud in the form of fake job ads, and that is deplorable for them. Our company name has been abused without us being involved. We have informed our security department and will take the necessary steps to avoid being exposed to anything like this again,” Dankertsen wrote in an email.

She added that they do not know if there have been more people who had been victims of attempted fraud. When asked if the case has been reviewed, she replied:

“We assess what measures we will take”.


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