‘Salmon’ fillet produced with 3D technology debuts

Plant-based salmon fillet produced with 3D technology is being called a game-changer in the field of plant-based alternative proteins because it comes as a “whole cut”  that closely resembles conventional salmon.

While the first generation of plant-based alternatives often lacks structure, Generation 2.0 products redefine both the eating experience and the global vegan food market, said developer, Austrian startup Revo Foods.

3D technology allows it to produce fillets that resemble the structure and the texture of a conventional salmon fillet, and it can be prepared fried, cooked, steamed – just as its farmed or wild salmon counterpart.

Several iterations of lab-created meat and seafood are now being developed and tested, but these innovators see their products not as competitors to the real thing but as options for vegetarians.

There are, however, still lots of questions regarding the true environmental credentials of these alternative proteins and their nutritional value compared to the natural product. Some are far from convinced they plant- or cell-based foods are the answer to climate change.


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