‘I don’t know who this man is, all I know is he is now the standard for all men’

Editorial Staff

Met Gala fans hail SalMar heir as ‘standard for all men’ after he steals show.

Last week’s star-studded Met Gala was the usual frenzy of fashion, fame, and photograhy as Hollywood’s elite descended upon the iconic New York event.

But forget A-listers like Zendaya, Jude Law and J.Lo – it was a humble and relatively unknown salmon billionaire who stole the spotlight and captured the public’s heart.

As photos of the hunk began hitting social media, people wondered: Who is he?

His name is Gustav Magnar Witzøe, the 31-year-old heir to salmon farming giant SalMar.

Witzøe is, according to Forbes, worth $3.9 billion, thanks to his father’s decision to gift him a nearly 50 percent stake in SalMar in 2013.

Dripping in diamonds and draped in a peach-pink cape fit for royalty, Gustav wowed onlookers in a nude, diamond-studded bodysuit that left jaws on the floor.

Social media erupted with praise for the unexpected fashion icon, with users declaring Gustav the new standard for men’s fashion.

“Idk who this man is, all I know is he is now the standard for all men,” one fan tweeted, while another gushed over his “bejeweled abs.”

The gushing social media reviews of Witzoe’s outfit has led to a series of headlines, including, “THE MET GALA’S UNLIKELIEST STAR IS A BILLIONAIRE SALMON HEIR.”

Fashion blogs have breathlessly hailed Witzøe’s custom Versace outfit’s clever reworking of the night’s Garden of Time dress code, drawing inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelites.

“We wanted to create the effect that Gus was almost coming out of one of the paintings,” Atelier Versace told PAPER magazine.

Move over, Hollywood heartthrobs – there’s a new prince charming in town, and his name is Gustav Magnar Witzøe.


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