Salmon meatballs added to IKEA US menu

IKEA adds to iconic menu.

According to an announcement on the IKEA USA YouTube channel, the Swedish Group is introducing a salmon ball made from ASC-certified salmon.

The US is the latest country where salmon balls will initially be served in selected markets as part of the IKEA Restaurant offer in autumn 2018. The longer-term ambition is to introduce the salmon balls in more markets and also in the Swedish Food Market to give customers the opportunity to enjoy them at home.

“For the product development of the salmon balls we looked at processing of salmon and realized that there is a lot of potential in other parts of this fantastic fish, the smaller pieces that cannot be used as fillets. We worked closely with our suppliers, optimized the process and together created this tasty source of protein with a lower carbon footprint” says Sabrina Anania-Stepanian, product developer IKEA Food Services AB. “I’m really proud of the new salmon balls and can’t wait for our customers to try them in IKEA Restaurants” added in a press release.

The balls are flavoured with seaweed, as well as lemongrass to capture “the fresh taste of cold Nordic sea,” the press release said.

Its salmon has been supplied by Leroy Seafood Group since 1984, however they do not supply this particular product.


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