Salmon best-selling fish in Spanish supermarket chain La Sirena

Salmon Business

Salmon is the leading fish sold in the Spanish chain of frozen specialty shops La Sirena, reports Revista Aral.

Salmon was the most sold fish at La Sirena in 2017, a position it has maintained over the last four years, with salmon loin being the best-selling product (73.51 percent in value and 73.36 percent by volume).

In southern European countries frozen fish shops are common. La Sirena is a leading specialist frozen food retailer, operating 237 stores. The company has its headquarters outside Barcelona. La Sirena has a market share of 23.8 percent in Catalonia and 6.3 percent in Madrid. The most popular fish species are salmon, southern hake, cod and white anglerfish.

Growth of 14 percent
Salmon is the most consumed fish in Spain, mostly imported from Norway. Spain is one of the ten most important markets in the world in terms of exports and consumption of Norwegian seafood. In 2016 Norway exported 57,825 tonnes of salmon to Spain. This year the export of salmon grew 14 percent in September compared to 2016, according to the Norwegian Seafood council.


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