Salmon price could fall below NOK 50

Several salmon exporters expect a decline in export price of salmon.

“It has been a turbulent week. This has resulted in a greater price correction than we expected. There are many indications that we will see more prices around the 50’s this coming week than we did in the week we are ending. The price correction is in the order of 4-5 NOK. It’s quite serious,” says an exporter.

He adds that there is greater activity in Norway than outside, which is typical for the month of August.

Caution in the market
Another exporter says the market’s cautious, so it’s difficult to predict how salmon prices will be next week.

“It’s so hard to say. It’s definitely going down. Our customers are careful, and we as buyers are careful. It is difficult to get good prices in the market. There are talks about FCA prices in China in the region of 47-48-49 NOK (for the most widely used weight classes). That’s the picture right now. It is very quiet.”

Still holiday feeling
Another exporter also reports quiet times.

“There is still a fall and volume is on the rise following good growth. There are lots of small fish available, the market is still on holiday and hence not much pressure there. He lists the following prices:

3-4 kg: NOK 47/48

4-5 kg: NOK 48/50

5-6 kg: NOK 49/51

But he adds:

“The larger fish is a bit of an exception, as usual, but between NOK 55-59.”

Overall, the consensus seems to be that prices are likely to drop below NOK 50.



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