Salmon price on the rise into Easter

Large distance in expectations for the salmon price next week between buyers and sellers.

“I even think it can be big jumps from Monday to Wednesday. The price on Wednesday will probably be considerably higher than on Monday,” says an exporter to SalmonBusiness.

He says that they have not yet bought anything, but he thinks it is there is a decent amount of fish in the market. [factbox]

“We expect the price to remain the same as last week, around NOK 66 kilo,” says a trader.

Small rise
Another exporter talks about prices slightly up from last week.

“We have bought some fish, but there are a lot of fish left around. Some people talk about prices up to 70, but I think can forget that,” he says.

“The prices we have operated with so far are NOK 66 for 3-4, NOK 67 for 4-5, NOK 68 for 6-7 and NOK 70 for 6+. But it is very quiet and a lot of fish is packed over the weekend and out next week,” he adds.

Distance in expectations
“There is a great rift about the fish in central parts of Norway. The week we have been through now had a little too much fish, now there is not enough for next week. We sell 2-3 at NOK 69 kroner, 3-6 to NOK 76 and 6+ goes for NOK 80,” says a salmon farmer SalmonBusiness has talked to.

-“I understand that you are surprised by the prices. There is a huge spread in the market right now, and I’m not surprised if farmers have sold below NOK 70,” he adds.

Another farmer tells us that they have not yet sold anything, but that he has heard talk about prices well up in the NOK 70s.

“It was important to clean up this week, so that you can almost put the price on what level you want next week, when there is almost no production. I’ve heard everything from NOK 73-74 to NOK 78-79 for 3-6,” he says.


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