Salmon price predictions vary considerably

Aslak Berge

Analysts and Fish Pool have different views on how the salmon price will develop over the next few months. 

The salmon price is at its lowest level of the year, after sinking below €5.35 before the weekend.

In fact, the price is the lowest in a year and a half.

Steep fall
In an interview with Norwegian broadcaster TV2 Wednesday morning, Fish Pool Broker Piotr C. Wingaard points out that price developments are comparable to last year, which also showed a steep fall after the beginning of July, lasting into September.

Wingaard also notes that the salmon price turned around in September last year and that this is an annual seasonality.

However, not everyone believes in that the price will go up in the approach to Christmas.

SOURCE: Fish Pool

“There is a lot of disagreement. Stock analysts say the price should be at this level, maybe lower for the rest of the year,” says Wingaard.

“At the same time, the market at Fish Pool thinks the salmon price will be over NOK 60 (€6.40). So there’s over one euro’s difference between what the stock analysts think and what the market thinks.”


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