Salmon price sinks after last weeks leap

After last week’s steep rise, salmon prices have fallen.

“The customers will not pay. We hear the [farm gate] price is under NOK 60 (€ 6.3) , and there are more offers coming in”, one salmon trader said to SalmonBusiness.

The market is nervous, showing a clear decline from last weeks’ highs of around € 6.8/kilo.

“Two days ago, we thought the price should be up, but now there is fish everywhere. We have not bought anything yet. But it will be a waiting game again”, he said, outlining the price level for farming at NOK 57-60 (€ 5.6-6.3).

“I hear prices NOK 56-60 on the core sizes” one trader said.

“But I do not think there has been any fish sold. The [international] market is lower. It’s very slow today – that’s why there’s a lot of unsold fish. Many people are struggling to sell.

“It is clear that prices are going down,” he added.

it became clear by late lunchtime that prices were dropping…

Low interest
“We will be under NOK 60 at least,” an exporter said. He had already started buying in the price band NOK 58-60 for 3-6 kilos of fish.

It’s € 0.5-0.6/kg down from last Friday.

However, one salmon farmer based in southern Norway had sold salmon at a higher price.

“I’d say NOK 65 at 6-8 [kilo], NOK 60, 62 and 63 kroner at 3-6 [kilo]. There’s a decline here, but I don’t think it’s gone down that much. Time will tell. I’ve made a sale at least.”


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