Salmon price turns around after two weeks fall

After a heavy fall from the price peak in April, the salmon price climbs again.

“100 kroner (EUR 9.8) for 3-4 kg, 104 kroner (EUR 10.2) for 4-5 kg, 107-108 kroner (EUR 10.5-10.6) for 5-6 kg and 6+ kg is at 112-115 kroner (EUR 10.9-11.2). This has been the price picture throughout the day, the last couple of hours,” says a SalmonBusiness.[factbox]

This means a price jump of around ten percent compared to the level from last Friday.

“4-5 kg ​​is difficult to get hold of this week. We see 10-10.20 euros per kilo for 4-5 kg,” says a buyer.

Others see somewhat lower prices.

“The prices are up five kroner (EUR 0.5). 95 kroner (EUR 9.3) at 3-4, 98 kroner (EUR 9.6) at 4-5 and 102 kroner (EUR 10) at 5-6. 6+ is probably at 107-108 kroner (EUR 10.4-10.5), so it has probably stabilized,” says an exporter.

“It is 3-4 and 4-5 that go up the most,” he says, and continues: “We can hope we get it back. There is a little more fish in the market next week. But it is completely absurdly high. There is nothing more to say about it.”

“We are careful at these levels. We do not buy too much. But there is little supply at the moment, that is what makes the price so high,” he explains.

“Is probably more like 102/104/106 kroner (EUR 10/10.2/10.4) for 3-6 kilos, delivered Oslo,” says a trader about next week’s salmon prices.


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