Salmon prices begin to flatten as demand decreases at larger weights

Editorial Staff

On Friday lunchtime, SalmonBusiness spoke to a number of exporters to find out what is happening across the spot market for fresh chilled salmon.

While prices for mid-sized fish in the 2-5kg range continue to climb, albeit slower than in previous weeks, salmon in the 5kg+ range are going down in price, according to one exporter.

“It’s mostly frozen and fresh fillets we are doing, with Christmas coming soon now,” she said, noting that fillet prices are still rising.

Other exporters are not sure that Christmas is starting to impact sales yet.

“Volumes have been quite stable and I expect them to stay the same. Activity in the market has been extremely strong for the past five weeks at least,” said one sales manager.

“The 5kg+ category is coming down, while things are more stable in the 3-5kg range,” he said. “We are seeing trading at around NOK 75+.”

A major European importer predicts that prices for fish in the 4kg+ will begin to flatten in the coming weeks. And while there is still a premium for fish in the 6kg+ category, they expect this to come down more in line with salmon in the 5-6kg next week.


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