Salmon prices climbing to new year’s highest levels

Tight market ahead of Easter holiday.

“66 to 70 kroner (EUR 6.5 to 6.9),” said a fish farmer about the farmgate salmon price to SalmonBusiness.

“Earlier today it was 66-68 kroner, but now there have been two who have talked about 70 kroner in the south [of Norway],” he said.

“There is a low sup (superior quality – ed.) share,” he added, and highlighted the fact that a lot of downgraded fish are offered.[factbox]

“It’s a wide spread. I have talked to people who are up to 70 kroner (EUR 6.9) as well, at 3-6 kg,” said an exporter. “It takes some time before it settles down today,” he said and added that he thinks the end price will be closer to NOK 70 (EUR 6.9) than 65 (EUR 6.4).

“And then we’ll to see how much risk people will take on. At 65 kroner, I think not much fish is sold today.”

Several market sources refer to prices around NOK 70 (EUR 6.9).

“The prices are quite high. But of course, it’s very nervous out there. We are entering a week that can be a bit narrow in some places,” said an exporter.

However, he did not see prices as high as other sources.

“We are talking prices of 65-66 kroner (EUR 6.4-6.5). Some trucks go a little higher. It’s high. You will not find very many customers who pay that price. There are the few who must have fish that pay that price now.”

“Some leftover fish are available, and then some wants a high price,” said an Eastern European buyer who refers to 64-65 kroner (EUR 6.3-6.4) as a reference price. “There are a lot of downgraded fish,” he said.


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