Sharp fall in prices: “They are eating ice cream instead of salmon”

Andreas Witzøe

Little willingness to buy salmon in Europe means a sharp fall in the salmon price.

“The price goes down, and I don’t know where it stops. But there are talks of prices well down into 40 NOKs (EUR 4) for fish from three to five kilos,” says one exporter SalmonBusiness talked to.

“Many people lost big money this week. Now it is very quiet in Europe, where its warm and low willingness to buy. In addition, there is a critical large amount of fish up to six kilos. It’s naturally a very bad combination for the price next week,” he added.

Instead of salmon
A seller at a salmon farmer in Northern Norway tells the same price story.

“We have sold salmon from three to five kilos. The prices we operate with are between NOK 46 (EUR 4.7) and NOK 48.5 (EUR 5). The market is characterized by holiday among our buyers, and that it is extremely hot in Europe. They are eating ice cream instead of salmon,” he says.


The seller confirms what the exporter tells about the last week’s market.

“It is a demanding week we have been through, and it’s going to be like that next week too,” he said.

The price is too high
A processor SalmonBusiness talked to is also aware that the price will be well down next week.

“These so-called experts have to bite their lips soon, they have priced the salmon too high. There is much more fish than they had thought. A lot more. Everyone has fish ready for harvest, so the price is going to continue down,” he says

The five industrial players SalmonBusiness have talked to after lunch Friday refers to the following price rent (for the breeder) for fish to be delivered next week:

2-3 kg NOK 36-38 (EUR 3.8 – 3.9)
3-4 kilos NOK 42-45 (EUR 4.3 -4.6)
4-5 kilos NOK 45-46 (EUR 4.6 – 4.7)
5-6 kilos NOK 47-49 (EUR 4.8 – 5)
6+ kilos NOK 58-61 (EUR 5.9 – 6.2)


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