Salmon prices hit a new year’s high

Slimmer biomass gives a seasonal boost.

“It’s empty. Not so much fish available. So then there will probably be prices of 70 kroner (EUR 7). And it may be even more on larger fish, because the availability decreases”, said an exporter to SalmonBusiness. [factbox]

“I have not bought anything yet. The customers are currently saying no, and will not confirm what we suggest. So there is a tough fight out there,” said a trader.

Average weight
But some trades have been made. And they have been set at significantly higher prices than last Friday, when 3-6 kg salmon were sold around EUR 6.5.

“Of confirmed sales; we have such a high average weight, and little 3-4 and 4-5 kg to sell, but we have sold 5-6 and 6-7 kg at 8.30 and 8.60 euros delivered to Italy. And that will be 78 kroner for 5-6 and 81 kroner counted back to FOB slaughterhouse,” said a farmer.

“We have customers in Europe who offer us 73 and 76 kroner for the same sizes,” he added.

That means the highest prices so far in 2021.

“We can safely say that. And there are not so many weaknesses to be traced now for May either,” he said and pointed out that the biomass in both Norway and Chile is tightening at the same time.

“The average prices of the main sizes are well into the 70s,” he added.

The price level is confirmed by several other sources.

«72/74/76. Absolutely crazy, yes. 76 6+ », wrote an exporter in an SMS to SalmonBusiness.

“I have bought 6+ at 80 kroner (EUR 8) FCA fish farmer,” said another exporter.


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