Salmon prices remain well above €6

Aslak Berge

The upturn continues into next week.

“They’re all trying to increase prices, but I don’t know if there’s any hold in it,” said a fish importer to SalmonBusiness.

He refers to prices between EUR 5.8 and EUR 6.3 for salmon to be delivered to the market in the coming week. [factbox]

“I haven’t bought anything. The salmon farmers want higher prices and the market does not pay,” said one exporter, before adding: “Many stretch it too far”.

“Now everyone wants see NOK 63-65 (EUR 6.1 – EUR 6.3) and there we do not have one customer. The cheapest thing we can do is not buy fish. We see what prices the large (integrated fish farmers .ed) sell at, and it is far, far lower,” he said.

“There is now an imbalance bwteen the salmon farmers and the customers. There are lots of low price contracts out to the chains, and then a maximum of frozen stock is being used and it’s clear that affects the price of fresh salmon,” he added.

A number of exporters and salmon farmers pointed to stable prices between EUR 6.1 and EUR 6.2.

“Yes, and then it’s tighter at 7+ kilograms. It’s hard. For the big fish, the price is considerably lower. It is difficult to sell the surplus fish, so it should be below NOK 60 (EUR 5.8 .ed) at least,” said one exporter.

“NOK 60-63 kroner (EUR 5.8-EUR 6.2), but what seems most challenging is the big fish,” said another exporter.


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