Salmon prices slip further down

Ole Alexander Saue

High volume pressure is reducing down prices

“I haven’t done anything. The market is very weak. It looks like it’s going down, due to lots of unsold fish. I think it would be difficult,” said an exporter to SalmonBusiness. [factbox]

EUR 5,3 for 3-4 kilo
The prices varies between 5,3 to 5,9 EUR per kilo, depending on size, said another exporter.

“We haven’t done any sales either, but we expect 42 kroner (EUR 5) for 2-3 kg, 50 kroner (EUR 5,3) for 3-4, 52 kroner (EUR 5,5) for 4-5, 53 kroner (EUR 5,6) for 5-6 and 55 kroner (EUR 5,9) for 6+,” he said.

“The worst so far is 48 kroner (EUR 5) Oslo-price for 3-4 kg,” he continued.

Exporters losing money
As the market waits not many transactions were made before 13.30 CET. Price is further down from last week, and exporters are sitting on the fence.

“Salmon farmers are fighting, they want the prices up, while the exporters are waiting,” said one importer.

“Throughout the week I’ve bought cheaper than I could than last Friday. That could lead to an extra bit of pressure when exporters lose money this week,” he added.

He still havent heard any concrete prices, but said it will go down.

Tradition with a decline last week in June
One exporter is not surprised by the decline in price. He also mentions 53-54 kroner (EUR 5,6 – 5,4) per kilo.

“The last week in June has a tradition of slight decline in prices. Its like this last week in May and June,” he said, adding he thinks the prices will go up again in July.

Not everyone agrees.

“I don’t think it will go up next week. The volume is too big for that,” one said.

“It wont happen. Volume is too big,” another one said.


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