Salmon processing plant severly damaged after being hit by landslide: “We didn’t need this now”

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Salmon farmer was another victim of Norway’s recent algae bloom disaster. Then on Saturday, part of the company’s processing plant felt the full force of nature.

A landslide has hit the production building at salmon farmer Salaks in Salangen, Troms, Northern Norway.

The landslide happened at 9 am on Saturday morning. No one was in the building when the incident happened, according to local police.

Landslide damage – Salaks location in northern Norway: MAP: Google

“But the building damage has consequences for us. On top of the algae situation we are in now, we will probably struggle to harvest salmon in the future. We didn’t need this now,” said Salaks CEO Odd Bekkeli to NRK.

In May, the company lost hundreds of thousands of salmon due to last month’s algae bloom, as the industry collectively lost millions.

According to Bekkeli, the landslide has destroyed parts of the building. Among other things, the workshop is broken.

Geologists from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) were on Saturday morning heading towards the site for risk assessment before crews were sent into the area, according to Troms police district.

On Saturday afternoon, NRK reported that that the NVE is in place, and that a drone was sent up to take pictures of the area opposite the plant, which is being investigated by the geologists.

The plant was established in 1989 and has a capacity of 50-60 tonnes per day, according to the Salaks website. The company has mainly harvested its own fish produced in locally located sites. It has six licenses in eight locations.


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