Salmon producer blasts police for not reporting motorboat crash

Editorial Staff

The unexpected discovery prompted an immediate search for people injured or dead.

In the early hours of April 28th, a motor boat collided with a fish farming cage operated by Grieg Seafood in Norway.

Employees arriving the following morning were greeted by an unsettling sight: a boat ensnared in the netting of the cage. This unexpected discovery prompted an immediate search for any injured or deceased individuals, though fortunately, none were found, according to Norwegian media outlet Kyst.

In a letter to the Directorate of Fisheries, the company expressed its frustration at not being informed sooner, pointing out the significant risk of fish escaping from the compromised cage during the eight-hour period following the incident. The communication breakdown, they argued, highlighted a glaring systemic weakness.

Photo: Grieg Seafood Rogaland

Grieg Seafood emphasized that the Store Teistholmen installation was clearly marked with flashing lights and ownership identification, adhering to regulatory requirements. Despite this, the police claimed that identifying the facility was challenging due to the time of night.

Liv Marit Årseth, communications manager at Grieg Seafood Rogaland, described the ordeal as shocking for the employees who discovered the boat.

“A search was immediately launched for any injured or accident victims, and the emergency services were called. We were then told that the police were already aware of the incident, and that the boatman had been brought ashore,” he told Kyst.

Årseth stressed that the collision had the potential to trigger a significant fish escape and expressed surprise at the lack of notification from the authorities.


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