Salmon sales to France plummet

Aslak Berge

Smoked salmon homeland suppresses purchases.

Norway’s exports of salmon to France have fallen by 13.8 per cent so far this year. Per week 29, French fish importers bought 44,647 tonnes of fresh salmon, according to weekly statistics from the Norwegian Seafood Council.

This means that France just got taken over by Denmark on the list of Norway’s largest salmon customers. Leading this list is, as usual, Poland.

Historically, France has been the largest buyer of Norwegian salmon but over the past decade, it has been bypassed by the processing and transit country of Poland.

However, France is not alone in curbing purchases. Other leading importing countries, such as the UK, Germany, Finland and Sweden, have also reduced salmon sales this year.

But reduced salmon imports from these countries are offset up by others.

So far this year, Norway has exported 643,361 tonnes of salmon, converted to round weight. By comparison, the export volume per week 29 last year was 619,667 tonnes, which represents a growth of 3.8 per cent.

The increased imports are reported by countries such as Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, South Korea and China.


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