Salmon Scotland urges UK government to adopt E-certification scheme for exports

Editorial Staff

Amidst growing frustrations over export barriers, Salmon Scotland calls for urgent implementation of electronic certification for UK’s largest food export.

Scottish salmon farmers trade body Salmon Scotland has called for the urgent implementation of an electronic system to streamline the export process for Scottish salmon.

Attending the Norway-UK seafood summit held at Fishmongers’ Hall in London on Tuesday, Tavish Scott, Chief Executive of Salmon Scotland, expressed frustration over the current outdated system and the delay in implementing new electronic measures.

“We’ve been saying since Brexit that we need electronic systems to reduce the red tape for salmon farmers, said Scott. “So given this now happens for seafood imports from third countries like Norway, as highlighted by the fisheries minister, we’re surprised that this still hasn’t been sorted for exporters to the EU.

The organization has previously estimated an additional cost of £3 million annually in post-Brexit paperwork for Scottish salmon farming companies since the UK’s departure from the EU on January 31, 2020.

“International demand for Scottish salmon continues to increase, and it’s vital for economic growth here at home that we remove barriers for key exporters like salmon farmers,” said Scott.

The sector directly employs 2,500 people in Scotland and supports an additional 10,000 jobs. A smoother trade process and access to new markets could lead to increased investment in the Scottish economy and more high-skilled job opportunities.

Scott emphasized, “With the increasing international demand for Scottish salmon, it’s crucial to eliminate barriers for key exporters. The success of electronic systems in imports from third countries like Norway, as noted by the fisheries minister, should be mirrored for our exporters to the EU.”


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