Salmon skin crisps to hit the market

Chef turned entrepreneur Henrik Cin Bokelund hopes the offcuts/tasty snack will be available in shops soon.

The raw materials are collected from the processing company Inka at Lepsøy, Norway. The skin is then washed, dried, fried and spiced.

“It’s not new to use fish skin for food. In Hong Kong, fried fish skin costs 800 pounds kilo. But that one is an unhealthy fast food product. My product is healthy, good and doesn’t make you gain weight ” said Bokelund talking the Norwegian local newspaper Os & Fusaposten.

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His company Salmonsnacks has even been provided a seed start up grant from Business Garden, a venture owned and partly financed by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.

Henrik Cin Bokelund. PHOTO: LinkedIn

“Henrik’s fish snack is well-timed for a time demanding alternative food sources. This is a product that can be exported to the whole world, “said Fredrik Schmidt from Business Garden.

Bokelund has been a chef for a long time, and moved near Bergen with his wife and child two years ago. It was when he started to smoke salmon when he got the idea to make the crisps. He worked at a site at Leroy, not smoking salmon. Just working in by the fish pens, and saw how much waste there was.

In another interview with NRK Radio, Bokelund said that he aims to continue working on the business plan while conducting market research. The goal is to get the product out in stores by 2019.

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