Salmon stocks drop in coronavirus fear

Editorial staff

Stock markets are tumbling as coronavirus spikes in China.

Today at 3.35pm (GMT+1) several shares have dropped in price on the Oslo Seafood Index, Chilean Salmones Camanchaca has dropped 4 pct., Norwegian Lerøy and Faroe Islandic Bakkafrost stock has dropped around 2 pct.

According to NY Times the coronavirus has already caused over 80 deaths. The anxiousness about the virus can be one of the explanations to the downgrades in the salmon stocks, writes FishFarmerMagazine.

No live animals on foodmarkets in China
On Friday SalmonBusiness reported that the coronavirus had an impact on the salmon prices, as the virus spreads through live animals for human consumption.

This has caused speculations on whether it is safe to purchase and import food.

It has been officially stated that no sales of live animals are allowed at foodmarkets at this point i China, writes WashingtonPost.

Natural reaction
It has however also been stated by analysts in FishFarmerMagazine today, that the lowered prices might not be caused by the coronavirus.

It can also be due to the fact that the price of the shares are reacting after an all time high in the beginning of this year, and that the lowered price might be a natural reaction in the market.




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