Salmon stocks recover after Pfizer coronavirus breakthrough

Aslak Berge

Strong stock market lift after vaccine news announced.

U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German BioNTech announced on Monday that their vaccine trial was more than 90 per-cent effective against the coronavirus.

This lays the groundwork for a potential vaccine. The two companies released data Monday, from the first part of phase three interim results in large-scale trials.

According to CNBC, one of several media outlets reporting the case Monday, reports that scientists have hoped for a coronavirus vaccine that is at least 75 per-cent effective. Immunologist Anthony Fauci has previously said that one with between 50 and 60 per-cent efficiency would be acceptable.

Salmon stocks rose fast on the stock exchange after the news of the possible breakthrough.

Chilean Salmones Camanchaca climbed the highest, at 10.4 per-cent, ahead of NRS (4.8 per-cent), AKVA group (4.3 per-cent), Grieg Seafood (3.3 per-cent), Mowi (2.4 per-cent), Lerøy (2.1 per-cent) and SalMar (1.6 per-cent).


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