Salmon tasting at China International Import Expo prohibited

editorial staff

Strict measures are being taken for imported cold-storage foods. 

Shine (a publication owned by East China’s largest English-language newspaper Shanghai Daily) writes that it’s bad news for salmon brands who want to exhibit their products for sampling and tasting. The free tasting of imported cold-storage foods such as salmon will be prohibited during this year’s China International Import Expo.

The trade fair, which is taking place next month in Shanghai, is the world’s first import-themed national-level expo, created with the objective of facilitating trade and opening up for more imports to China.

In the past, seafood bodies such as the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) and the Norwegian Chinese Chamber of Commerce have demonstrated new products at the event.

But it may harder this year. Shine reported that senior officials with the city’s market watchdog told it that strict measures are being taken to ensure the food safety of cold-storage foods. Free tasting of tuna will also be banned.

“Cold-storage foods imported for the CIIE will be transported via special vehicles and stored together at designated warehouses under strict scrutiny, with relevant materials checked and nucleic acid tests conducted after undergoing customs procedures,” said Zhang Zhunmin, a counselor at Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation.


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