Salmon to be transported by express flight from Iceland to China

Katrina Poulsen

DBS Schenker and Icelandair have signed an agreement of transporting cargo between China-Europe-Iceland-US and back. Now a stamp from the Chinese Authorities is the only bottleneck, before salmon can be transported to Shanghai from Reykjavik in only 11 hours. 

At the moment both Icelandair and Schenker are waiting for the Chinese holiday to end, so Chinese Authorities can accept a contract to let salmon be flown directly by flight from Iceland to China.

“We are hoping we get the green light, when the Chinese return from their holiday tomorrow, Wednesday,” says Valdimar Oskarsson, Managering Director of Schenker Iceland to SalmonBusiness.

Three Boeing 767 passenger aircraft from Icelandair have been remodelled by removing all passenger seats to carry freight.

Oskarsson explains that the salmon will  take 11 hours to reach Shanghai, China from Keflavík, Iceland. On the opposite route the freighter will be carrying medical supply to both the European and US market.

“Our capacity will be approximately 20-25 tonnes of salmon per flight,” says Oskarsson and informs that there is planned 30 flights with food cargo by Icelandair and Schenker in May.

“We hope we will continue for longer. As the need is quite strong from China.”

Because of the free trade agreement between China and Iceland, the Chinese are especially excited about the agreement, as no tax will be added on the products, making the Icelandic salmon more competitive to the Norwegian salmon.

Salmar, Arnalax Royal Salmon and Seaborn have shown interest in having their salmon transported by the cargo flights from Iceland.

Schenker is also looking at flying products to the Korean market, but nothing has yet been confirmed.


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