Salmon trailer overturned

editorial staff

Had to be emptied by hand.

A semi-trailer fully loaded with salmon overturned on E39 in Høyanger, Western Norway, on Tuesday afternoon. The fish was packed in polystyrene boxes with ice, and before the vehicle could be removed, the load had to be moved to a new trailer.

‘Throughout the evening we will fill up with more people and fresh hands. These boxes weigh quite a bit, and when we move 25-30 tonnes in total, there will probably be some long arms eventually,’ said Arild Tistel, general manager of Førde Bilberging, to local newspaper Firda.

The actual salvage work of the trailer took an hour and a half, and during this period the E39 was closed, which caused long queues. However, loading the fish from the overturned trailer will take longer.

‘This is heavy work that is done with fist force, so it will require some breaks. The work will probably go beyond the evening. It will probably be night before we have cleaned up and salvaged the trailer,’ said Tistel.


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