Salmon truck looted in processing plant port town

Inequality protests continue to plague Chile’s salmon industry.

Chile’s current state of civil unrest rolls on, with protests flaring back up as reforms fall short. On Tuesday, SalmonBusiness reported that salmon plant workers were taking to the streets in Quellón, the Chilean port town and commune in southern Chiloé Island, Los Lagos Region.

Talcahuano is 660 km away from Puerto Montt MAP: Open Street Map

Multiple videos have since emerged of protesters entering a salmon processing factories getting workers to toe the union line. There are also photos of salmon union workers lighting fires and blocking trade routes.

While most of the protests have been peaceful demonstrations, to date 7 people have died in 14 cities, with extensive damage to buildings and countless injuries due to clashes with police.

In footage obtained by Portal Portuario, a truck containing salmon fillets is seen being looted by multiple people from the Port of San Vicente in Talcahuano.

The town has a number of salmon plants there including Ventisquieros, Salmones Camanchachas and Blumar.

“The situation occurred at about 3.30 pm on Monday and shows the impunity and lack of control of criminal groups that, taking advantage of the wave of peaceful demonstrations of thousands of citizens as part of widespread social discontent, decide to go to steal, loot and fire,” wrote Portal Portuario.


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