Salmon tycoons dominate Norway’s rich list

editorial staff
Salmon farmers make up almost ten percent of those listed in Norway’s 400 wealthiest. 

Norwegian financial magazine, Kapital, today published its annual overview of Norway’s 400 richest people. The magazine’s system is not based on tax lists, which struggle to reflect the real value ​​of most companies. On Kapital’s list, the editors themselves have researched and calculated the real fortunes of those featured.

In recent years, as a function of boom times and high salmon prices, there has been a rapidly increasing stock of people from the Norwegian aquaculture industry on Kapital’s rich list. This year, a total of 38 names, corresponding to 9.5 per cent of the total entries, come from the industry.

A new criteria this year is that entrants must have a fortune of at least one billion kroner (€100 million) to make the list.

Placement on the listNameWealth in billions of kronerCompany
1.John Fredriksen114Mowi
6.Gustav Witzøe45.6SalMar
19.Inge Berg11.75Nordlaks
22.Gerhard Alsaker10.4Alsaker
44.Ola Helge Holmøy6.75Eidsfjord Sjøfarm
55.Helge Arvid Møgster5.9Austevoll Seafood and Lerøy
59.Helge Gåsø5.45NTS, Frøy, NRS
100.Ola Braanaas3.6Firda Seafood
125.Per Grieg jr3Grieg Seafood
136.Lars Måsøval2.95Måsøval
136.Anders Måsøval2.95Måsøval
141.June Møgster2.9Austevoll Seafood and Lerøy
144.Lill Maren Møgster2.8Austevoll Seafood and Lerøy
144.Camilla Marianne Grieg2.8Grieg Seafood
155.Olav Svendsen2.65Bremnes Seashore
157.Elna-Kathrine Grieg2.6Grieg Seafood
157.Elisabeth Grieg2.6Grieg Seafood
162.Roger Halsebakk2.55Silver Sølvtrans
163.Brynjar Kristian Forbergskog2.5Akvafuture
171.Kjell Haugland2.4Erko Seafood and Hav Line
184.Runar Vatne2.25Atlantic Sapphire
198.Terje Bondø2.1Salmonor
216.Leif Inge Nordhammer1.9SalMar
226.Halle Ragnar Sivertsen1.85NTS
236.Nils Martin Williksen1.75NTS
236.Håkon Kristian Tombre1.75Tombre
255.Per Grieg sr1.65Grieg Seafood
272.Maria Olaisen1.55Nova Sea
272.Aino Olaisen1.55Nova Sea
278.Randi Herre Eide1.5Owned Fjordbruk
278.Ove Løfsnæs1.5AQS
323.Rolv Haugarvoll1.35Lingalaks
349.Inge Helge Vassbotten1.25Steinvik Fiskefarm and Seaborn
349.Alex Vassbotten1.25Steinvik Fiskefarm and Seaborn
354.Hans Kristian Mong1.2AKVA group
375.Thomas Johan Jessen1.1Kverva
375.Roger Hofseth1.1Hofseth
375.Ole-Eirik Lerøy1.1Mowi
395.Ulf Ellingsen1Ellingsen Seafood