Salmon worth $140,000 stolen from parked truck – while driver was in it

Editorial Staff

Theft occurred while the driver was in the vehicle say police. 

Several pallets of salmon have been stolen from a truck parked in Sønsterud, near Tyrifjorden in Norway.

The truck, destined for Drammen, was found with its trailer of frozen salmon nearly empty.

Police have conducted a detailed interview with the driver to ascertain the timeline of events and any potential observations, according to Norwegian media outlet Ringerikes Blad.

The theft occurred while the driver, who was in the vehicle, was on a mandatory 24-hour rest break, police told the newspaper.

“Everything indicates that the driver was in the car while the theft took place. The patrol investigating the scene will talk to the driver in detail to find out when he parked and what he may have seen and heard,” Police Superintendent Ola Fjeldstad told the newspaper. “He noticed that the trailer with frozen salmon was almost empty, and it was full when he parked. We have taken pictures, and will start searching for traces of the trailer now.”

Only four pallets of fish were left on the trailer once the thieves had finished their work, according to the driver who estimated that between 18–19 tons of salmon have been taken.

With a salmon price of NOK 80 per kilo, this corresponds to value ​​of NOK 1.5 million ($140,000) for the stolen salmon, according to calculations by Norwegian aquaculture news service iLaks.

The police are appealing for tips and currently have no suspects in the case.


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