SalmonChile re-elects Arturo Clément as president

editorial staff

Former Multiexport CEO to stay on for another two years. Cermaq Chile MD also voted in as new executive committee member. reports that aquaculture pioneer Arturo Clément has been relected as the head of Chile’s trade organisation SalmonChile.

Arturo thanked the managers for their confidence in him and set out and explained the work agenda for the new period: “In the last two years we have made great progress in building trust with communities, neighbours, workers and local authorities, with whom we connect daily and work in common agendas that prioritize the sustainability of the sector”.

At the meeting was Salmones Camanchacha CEO Ricardo García, Australis Seafoods CEO Ricardo Misraji, Cermaq Chile CEO, Austral Fjord director Edgardo García and Yadrán Vice President Sergio Colvin. The group voted in new executive committee member Cermaq Chile MD Steven Rafferty to the role.


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