Salmonella outbreak in 3 US states linked to raw salmon

editorial staff

More than 30 individuals have fallen ill, according to investigators in the United States, due to a Salmonella outbreak that has been traced to raw salmon from a California and Arizona based seafood distributor. 

Currently, 21 people in California, 11 in Arizona and one in Illinois have been confirmed as cases, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although, there are concerns that the product might have spread to other states. Out of the people impacted so far, 13 had to be hospitalised – all survived.

16 of those afflicted by the illness have been spoken to by investigators, with the majority recalling eating raw salmon prior to their illness. FDA investigators managed to trace the cases back to fish that was distributed by Mariscos Bahia, in Pico Rivera, California, and Phoenix, Arizona, with genome sequencing tests ongoing.

The FDA has warned that other fish processed by the distributor could have been contaminated, including halibut, sea bass, tuna and swordfish. The raw salmon was distributed to restaurants in Arizona and California but not sold for retail. Mariscos Bahia has voluntarily recalled the product and is planning to contact customers.

Restaurants have been urged by officials to stop selling fish purchased from the distributor on or after 14th June 2022. If the fish was frozen for future use, it should not be sold or served, the warning stated.


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