Salmones Camanchaca becomes first salmon farmer in Chile to measure greenhouse emissions

The salmon farmer started to measure its carbon footprint in 2017.

Huella Chile, a national program for the management of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in small and large institutions in Chile, recognised Salmones Camanchaca in a ceremony with Minister Carolina Schmidt and the head of the Program of Governance and Sustainable Development of UNDP (United Nations Development Program), Paloma Toranzos, according to Mundo Acuicola.

At the meeting, Salmon Camanchaca, was given a certificate of “Quantification of Greenhouse Gases”.

To achieve this recognition, Salmones Camanchaca had to quantify its 2017 GHG emissions with the advice of environmental certifier, Greenticket, as well as an audit by Deloitte Chile.

Salmon Camanchaca Vice President, Ricardo García Holtz, said that “sustainability and especially the care of the environment are fundamental pillars for our company to be successful in the long term. The beginning of the carbon footprint measurement that coincides with the publication of our fourth annual sustainability report that makes clear our advances and pending challenges in these matters, constitutes an expression of responsible will with our environment. We hope to reduce GHG emissions in the coming years. “


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