Salmones Camanchaca has caught 1,200 fish out of 125,000 escaped salmon

Authorities investigating salmon farmer.

Last week, SalmonBusiness reported that around 125,000 fish escaped from a Salmones Camanchaca in Calbuco, Los Lagos, Southern Chile. The fish each weighed 500g.

In an update from Chilean aquaculture authority Sernapesca, it wrote that Salmones Camanchaca had recaptured 1,268 specimens.

Authorities investigate processing plant. PHOTO: Sernapesca

Sernapesca said it was investigating the facts and has requested additional information from the salmon farmer about their production chain, including the transfer of fish from their origin, the transfer of fish harvested in the wellboat, as well as its processing measures.

It is the second major escape/loss for the salmon farmer. In July, 387,837 fish died and 38,316 salmon escaped because of floods.


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