Salmones Camanchaca reports Q1 2024 harvest volumes

Editorial Staff

Salmones Camanchaca is estimating a total harvest for the year of up to 48,000 tons of Atlantic salmon. 

Chilean salmon farmer Salmones Camanchaca harvested a total of 11,050 tons of Atlantic salmon and coho in the first quarter of 2024.

Atlantic salmon accounted for 9,911 tons of the harvest with an average weight of 4.4 kilograms, costing an average of $5.28 per kilogram. The remaining 1,139 tons comprised coho salmon, which had an average weight of 6.2 kilograms and a cost of $3.51 per kilogram, according to a release from the company last week.

Sales figures for the same period amounted to approximately 12,300 tons of Atlantic salmon and 5,800 tons of coho.

For the full year 2024, Salmones Camanchaca has projected its harvesting volumes to be between 46,000 and 48,000 tons for Atlantic salmon and between 4,000 and 5,000 tons for coho.


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