Salmones Camanchaca to leave Chile-China trade alliance New World Currents

Salmon farmer is taking its own parent company’s marketing organisation to distribute in China.

In a press release, Salmones Camanchaca, one of the founding partners of New World Currents NWC, has decided to leave the marketing organisation. The departure will take effect from May 1.

“We have had a good experience with NWC partners and this organization positions itself as a relevant player in China. However, Camanchaca has its own capabilities in Asia and allows us to unleash our commercial strategy effectively, oriented to niches and segments through value-added products, brands and close relationship, which are natural to address from our own sales platform”, said Camanchaca CEO Ricardo Garcia Holtz.

Ricardo Garcia Holtz. PHOTO: Camanchaca

Parent company Camanchaca will use its own marketing organisation to distribute in China.

Formed in 2013 following the union of five consolidated Chilean salmon companies (Australis, Blumar, Camanchaca, Yadran & Marine Farm) New World Currents (NWC) was created exclusively for competing in the Chinese market.

Chilean salmon farmer Australis Seafoods left New World Currents on Dec. 1, following its takeover by Chinese conglomerate company Legend Holdings in 2018.

When all in, the Shenzhen-based New World Currents used to account for 30 per cent of all Chinese imports of Chilean salmon.

SalmonBusiness has contacted New World Currents managing director Nicolás Terrazas to find out how much Salmones Camanchacha’s departure has affected the joint venture’s supply.


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