Salmones Multiexport secures $250 million to “pay current loans”

editorial staff

Multiexport Foods subsidiary gets quarter of a billion dollars in credit from Rabobank, DNB Bank as well as Banco de Crédito e Inversiones which will also help with its “long-term strategic development plan”.

In a press release, Chilean salmon farmer Salmones Multiexport, a subsidiary of Multiexport Foods, reports that a new USD 250 million loan it received will be used to “pay current loans with banks” and to finance the company’s long-term strategic development plan.

Talking about the refinancing, Multiexport Foods CEO Andrés Lyon said that it “accounts for the confidence of the financial market with our company”.

He said that “as an important operator of the Chilean salmon industry, where sustainability, respect and care of the environment, and integration with their communities, are a central part of their business model and business vision”.

The new loan has been granted by Rabobank, DNB Bank and Banco de Crédito e Inversiones, and Rabofinance Chile, Rabobank’s vehicle in Chile is acting as a credit agent and guarantor for the loan.


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