SalmoNor acquires 8.5 per cent of shares in Seaborn

Aslak Berge

Fish exporter now to sell 14,000 tonnes of SalmoNor salmon.

“SalmoNor’s ownership of Seaborn is the result of a long-standing partnership where mutual trust and good market work over time are now even more closely linked. Getting SalmoNor as the owner underpins and strengthens our growth strategy in the markets, but also our focus on VAP,” Seaborn wrote in a press release.

Seaborn is a major distributor of Norwegian salmon and trout. SalmoNor is a salmon farmer which produces 14,000 tonnes of fish a year and based in Central Norway.

The parties do not want to disclose the price of the shareholding. Seaborn also did not not want comment on who is now selling out of the company.

“We want to be present for all of our faithful suppliers and build long-term relationships, delivering both short and long term results. Seaborn aims to be the farmer’s extended arm out in the market, where family-owned companies are a building block in the structure,” the press release stated.

SalmoNor CEO Vibecke Bondø said that she admired developments in Seaborn after seeing what “Seaborn stood for over time”.

“We want to be with them all the way to the market. Seaborn’s size and market apparatus have over time proven to handle market development and challenges in a smooth and dynamic way for salmon farms,” said Bondø.

Seaborn had a turnover of EUR 432 million in 2018.


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