Salvage personnel get ready to hoist down to “Eemslift Hendrika”

Aslak Berge

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has carried out a helicopter inspection and is preparing to take action.

The helicopter that will carry salvage personnel on board the crash site has been in the area and carried out an inspection. They are on their way back to Ålesund, Western Norway, to pick up the crew, and plan to bring down four people at 11-11:30 a.m, the Norwegian Coastal Administration said on Wednesday morning.

“It is the weather and the waves that make this challenging, but the weather is considerably better today. The probability of this going well is good, but the safety of personnel is most important,” Norwegian Coastal Administration Hans-Petter Mortensholm emergency response director told the news site VG.

The weather has calmed down since yesterday, there are now 6-8m waves, small to strong gales and snow showers.

The crew from the Netherlands, who arrived in Norway yesterday, work on salvage ship operations all over the world.

“We feel confident that these are competent personnel who are used to dealing with such things,” said Mortensholm.

“Eemslift Hendrika” is now located 12 nautical miles northwest of Stad, according to Marine Traffic. The cargo ship is escorted by two coast guard ships and two tugs.

Map: Marine Traffic

The two tugboats “BB Ocean” and “Normand Drott” arrived early Wednesday leading up to the site. The tugboats have been hired by the Dutch salvage company Smit Salvage. They are scheduled to to tow the ship to shore on Wednesday morning, but first people must be hoisted from a helicopter to attach tow ropes.

“When the ship is rigged to tow, try to get it into sheltered waters and anchor up. The ship will then be stabilised before it is carried on,” the Norwegian Coastal Administration said.


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