Sanford boss steps down

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Chief Executive Volker Kuntzsch is resigning after seven years of leading the company.

In a press release, Sanford, New Zealand’s oldest and largest seafood company, writes that boss Volker Kuntzsch is stepping down.

Sanford Chair Sir Rob McLeod announced the news, adding that Kuntzsch had made a “transformational impact” on Sanford, NZ’s oldest and largest seafood company which is increasingly farming more salmon.

“Over those last seven years we have made good progress on maximising the value of our fish products and diversifying our business, as well as turning our aquaculture business into a profitable and innovative unit,” said McLeod.

Kuntzsch said while it is sad to move on from a company of which he is very proud, the period of lockdown in New Zealand gave him an opportunity for reflection and decision making with his family around him.

“I’m incredibly proud of the transition we have made as a company from a commodity business to one that focuses on value and values. The team are truly outstanding and I will miss them but I am ready for and looking forward to the next chapter in my life which starts with stepping back and focusing on my lovely family. I have spent many years in leadership roles around the world. Sanford is one I will look back on with great satisfaction and with confidence that its people will continue on the path and strategy we have set and will achieve great things,” said Kuntzsch.

Before joining Sanford, he was President of Nippon Suisan (USA), President and CEO of King and Prince Seafood Corp in Brunswick, Georgia, USA. Former industry appointments include Global Marketing Director for Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Tokyo, Managing Director of Hangana Seafood, Namibia, as well as senior roles with Unilever Europe in Germany and the United Kingdom.


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