ScaleAQ signs major contract with Mowi for five new feed barges

editorial staff

Salmon giant signs for five new Sea Farm Feeder types with a storage capacity of 500 tonnes of feed.

In a press release on Tuesday, fish feeding systems supplier ScaleAQ writes that Mowi’s new barges will be delivered within 2020 and distributed between the regions of Northern, Central, and Southern Norway.

ScaleAQ is the new brand formed by the merger of Steinsvik, Aqualine and AquaOptima.

Mowi purchasing manager Erik Mjøs said:”The combination of good technical solutions and compliance with our needs meant that the choice fell on ScaleAQ”.

“We are delighted that Mowi has chosen us”, said ScaleAQ Sales Director Tor Henrik Haavik.

“The fact that Mowi chooses us shows that we are able to fulfill the customer’s requirements regardless of the type, technical solution, HS requirements and the desired load capacity,” added Haavik.

Correct equipment level
All barges will come equipped with FeedStation 2.0, built on the HTML5 platform with integrated functionality for remote feeding without the use of additional software.

“Our well-developed APIs ensure that communication with third-party programs and management systems are both secure and stable,” added Haavik.

The barges also come equipped with the ‘Barge Control System’. This allows for the monitoring and control of many other systems on board the barge from land.

Silage system
Mowi has selected a bespoke silage system which comprises of GRP tanks, ‘grinder’ and a storage capacity of 86m3 It also has been built for HS4 and have recessed selector valves on deck.

The Seafarm Feeder 500 that Mowi has selected comes in at a size of 37m by 11.2m

“Mowi thus receives a spacious workplace that can be used for many years”, concluded Haavik.