Scana Offshore signs € 10.6m contract with Nordlaks’ offshore fish farm

Ola Myrset/Sysla

The company wins big after searching for other opportunities post-oil crisis

“This opens up a whole new industry for us. What is so exciting is that we use offshore knowledge in a whole new market”, says Bjørn Torkildsen, CEO of Incus Investor, after the subsidiary Scana Offshore secured a EUR 10.6 million aquaculture contract. Nordlaks is a privately owned salmon farmer based in Northern Norway, who last year, harvested 39,000 tonnes of salmon.

Incus Investor, formally known as Scana Industries, has gone through a number of tough years. The company has not been in profit since 2009, with a total loss of 116 million EUR in the past eight years.

A new hope
The company was already in trouble when the oil crisis hit in 2014. From then on, they began to be less dependent on oil.

“(During the crisis) we realised that we needed to look for other opportunities. We looked at aquaculture and floating wind turbines as two markets with great potential, and there it was possible to use the skills we already had”, said Torkildsen.

Sea farming
Scana Offshore will supply anchoring systems, chains, anchors and power cables for Nordlaks, who is building their first offshore farm.

The huge offshore farm – built by the Chinese yard CIMC Raffles Offshore – will be 385 meters long.


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