Scene of fatal accident revealed

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Electric shock suffered by the victim came from a spotlight used to illuminate ship’s chain locker.

Last month, SalmonBusiness reported on a fatal accident in Quellón Bay, Chile in which a worker was electrocuted while carrying out maintenance work aboard the wellboat “Linda Marijke”.

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The Chilean Maritime Authority has now ruled out problems in the condition of the ship as a contributing factor in the death, stating that the electric shock suffered by the victim came from a spotlight used to illuminate the chain locker.

Lieutenant Captain Ricardo Henriquez, Captain of the Port of Quellón, has since provided a further update on the situation surrounding the tragic accident, including the release of a photo revealing the scene of the accident.

Henriquez commented, “The crew member took the spotlight on and suffered the electric shock, since 20 centimeters away there was a section with unprotected cables.”

“Statements were taken from the Captain, witnesses and part of the crew, in addition, the Detroit company, which is the owner of the wellboat where the accident occurred, has been asked to provide further background information,” said Henríquez, adding, “We do not appreciate problems maintaining the ship.”

Wellboat “Linda Marijke” PHOTO: Vessel Finder.

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