Schenker smoothing the way for salmon exports to China

Ole Aleander Saue

The German transport giant has established a network in China to improve loyalty between importer and exporter.

SalmonBusiness recently caught up with Morten Würgler, Head of Air Freight at DB Schenker for a quick chat on this development.

“It’s my belief it significantly benefits Norwegian exporters to forge loyalty ties with importers. We have people in China who speak the language there, and have an ongoing dialogue with the importers. Importers can for example indicate, via Schenker China, that they wish to purchase from a specific exporter. That strengthens the loyalty bond,” said Würgler.

“Schenker China established a network in 2017 that enhances ties with importers and also offers services to them locally,” he added.

– Copious capacity
The news broke last week that China is removing export restrictions on the counties of Nordland, Troms, and Nord-Trøndelag (three regions in Central and Northern Norway former banned from exporting salmon to China due to alleged fish health issues) – a move that Würgler is jubilant about.

“Highly encouraging. Now there are many more exporters that have the chance to export to China. That will hopefully result in growth, in that more fish are available for dispatch to China,” he said.

And Schenker is ready and waiting to take on the surge in activity.

“We have the capacity,” he said. “If we don’t have enough locally, we have it in Scandinavia/the U.K./mainland Europe. We’ll take it in stride when the market is ready,” Würgler said.

Contributing to loyalty
The company’s intention is to make the working day easier for Norwegian exporters and Chinese importers, as he pointed out to SalmonBusiness.

“Services that we offer locally in China are for instance Customs clearance, follow-up and distribution. We also have dialogue with individual importers who are keen to trade in salmon”.


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